About the End

For years I have collected the Odd and Curious. My wife often complained that we lived in the Addams Family house, while she preferred things bright and cheery. A couple of years ago I said I was going to open a shop and move a lot of my decor and creepiness there (she is STILL dancing on the lawn over it). 


I have contacts and connections all over the world and keep tabs on what they find. If it's odd enough, I bring it home to the Odd's End. I also hit yard sales, estate sales, and flea markets. My stock is constantly changing and provides intrigue on a budget.


Do you have an eerie artifact of your own tucked away in the basement or attic? Bring it in. If it's old and/or odd, I want to see it and possibly sell it for you


Is there an oddity you are searching for? I try to help find items that people want--be it an antique toy or a curiosity from a book, etc. 

"If it's old or odd, I want to see it."